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components and accessories
Combiners, Transmission Line and Accessories, Filters
We manufacture a variety of braces, hangers, elbows, clamps, reducers, flanges, flange adapters, connectors and plates. We also manufactures the most common sizes of rigid coaxial transmission line. The sizes range from 7/8" EIA through 6-1/8" EIA. All of our transmission line is fabricated from high conductivity hard-drawn copper and utilizes the EIA bolt type flanges and inner conductors. All line sizes utilize silver plated anchor insulators and precision machined virgin Teflon line supports.

Data sheets are provided upon request. Please let us know your area of interest.

[PSI antennas] are VERY well made right down to the welds and provide an excellent signal with superior reliability. The company is well run and responsive, delivery was on time and the antenna was crated to withstand a nuclear blast. Pricing is excellent and I won't hesitate a second to recommend them.
  ~Randy Weigner, President, Commercial Broadcasting Corp

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